It can be overwhelming when you go to see the doctor. Limited time and lots of information. 

This site hopes to add to the information the doctor has given you. 

Online platform

Evidence-based, relatable information on the menopause and perimenopause, for women and their family and friends so they can be empowered to manage their health and their symptoms using self-management strategies but equally know when to seek professional help appropriately.

Of note 

The advice on this website is not intended for diagnosis or to replace that of your own doctor. If you are concerned about symptoms that you may have please consult your own doctor. 

My top tip:
Check out the Useful Links at the end of each page! 

Project launch announced.

InforMDMenopause will be launched alongside a free Menopause information event, ‘Menopause and the City’, on October 16th at 10am in the Digital Hub, Dublin 8 ahead of World Menopause Day.

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Smart menopause!

Thank you Cities Today and Sarah Wray for this coverage of our pilot project with Smart D8, improving menopause health through education and information.

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