Menopause in the workplace 

Useful links and resources for employers and employees. 

Menopause in the workplace

Menopause is associated with turbulent hormonal symptoms and this can
be reflected in the workplace, negatively impacting work performance, attendance and
career decisions. Practical resources for employers about how to support employees experiencing
menopause are available from a range of sources which are outlined on this page. 

The British Standards

Produced forward thinking guide on menopause in the workplace in 2023, also focusing on menstrual health. The guide encourages inclusivity and the destigmatization of menstrual health.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

CIPD for professionals - back to the basics and how to manage health and sickness absence in menopause.

CIPD for managers - What are the common symptoms and adjustments to consider for each?

European Menopause and Andropause Society (EMAS)

EMAs develops guidelines and education on menopause and andropause.
Educational resources are for healthcare professionals; training & research updates.
They aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals.

Resource include: 
1. Menopause & Work – The Webinar Series

  •  Menopause in the Workplace after COVID
  •  Menopause Essentials
  •  What employers and managers need to know 
2. A menopause in the workplace self assessment toolkit

Menopause Information Pack for Organizations

Menopause Information Pack for Organizations (MIPO) is a research-based, free, open access suite of resources to help workplaces support menopausal transition.

Includes a range of downloadable resources.

Includes reasonable accommodation Practices.

Women’s Health Concern

Short fact sheet - provides a ‘how-to’ guide for employers and relevant staff within organisations that are considering writing their own guidance on the menopause.

Faculty of Occupational Medicine. 

FOM produced straightforward suggestions about what organsations can do to help, as well as tips for women themselves (based on EMAS, CIPD, TUK).

Wales Trade Union Congress

A menopause  toolkit.
How menopause can affect different people – including people with protected characteristics.
Includes relevant case studies.
What are the workplace issues? Listed.
Addressing workplace issues – examples of adjustments - easy read tables.